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About us

About us

Gruppo Carli is a family-run business farming, processing and selling quality forage since 1960. With 200 employees and 4000 farms, more than 20000 people are involved with the Group.

Group companies have produced for three generations feed materials for animal nutrition. These feed materials, composed primarily of alfalfa and forage, in bales or pellets, are the forage basis essential for all ruminants (sheep, goats, buffalo and cattle) and herbivores (horses, camels and rabbits)


Gruppo Carli is the Italian  leader in the production  of alfalfa and dehydrated forage.   Our yearly production capacity is approximately 300.000 tons of product.

Gruppo Carli products are known and appreciated throughout the world: industry experience, business sense and innovative technologies have led to significant domestic and international market expansion. Core markets are Europe, particularly concerned about quality, and non-EU markets like the Middle East, North Africa and the Far East.

Gruppo Carli products are grown in more than 40000 hectares in Emilia Romagna, Marche and Lazio regions. The surface area of the fields can be represented by a 4-metre wide strip surrounding the globe along the equator. Production includes an entire range of products, providing a complete selection of technical and nutritional specifications, formats (pellets, bales, wafers, small bales, etc.) and packaging.

The Group is increasingly focusing on organic farming, from forage to cereals for animal feed and human consumption: only natural gas, biomass of plant origin and photovoltaic energy of its own, are used in production processes and dehydration, with no harmful air emissions.

To strengthen its strong bond with nature, Gruppo Carli has created environmental oases in especially suited areas to promote the local flora and fauna.


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