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Carli and the environment

Carli and the environment

The Group’s efforts are increasingly focused on organic farming, from forage to cereals for animal and human consumption; production processes and dehydration do not generate harmful emissions in the atmosphere since only natural gas is used as well as energy generated by 6 MW photovoltaic plants, owned by the Group and exclusively installed on our facilities.

Renewable energy generated by the Group is able to meet the needs of at least 5,000 homes.


Ground vegetation 12 months a year protects land from natural erosion and guarantees groundwater quality, especially where drinking water is collected. Our forage is cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides or groundwater irrigation.

Efforts to protect the environment are further consolidated in organised land reclamation which has led to the removal of approximately 100,000 square metres of asbestos roofs, making our buildings fully "ecological".

To complete our close bond with nature, Gruppo Carli has created environmental oases in especially suited areas to promote local flora and fauna for a total of approximately 500 hectares of woods and lakes.


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