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Conditions of Use


These general selling conditions (hereinafter, "General Conditions") apply to the sale of the products distributed by Sicem Srl on the website www.sicem.gruppocarli.com. All the purchase agreements between the Supplier and the Customer entered into via this website, and in accordance with the procedures stated therein, shall be governed by these General Conditions. An on-line purchase agreement is a distance agreement, i.e. a commercial transaction stipulated between a Supplier and a Customer as part of a sale of goods or a provision of remote services arranged by the Supplier through the distance communication technology called Internet.

Terms of Purchase

In order to purchase from Sicem’s on-line store, users must be aged 18 and up and provide a telephone contact number. Orders may be placed only after registering with the website and creating a personal account. Customers may only purchase the products shown in the e-catalogue of Sicem Srl at the moment of ordering. These may be viewed at the following URL: http://sicem.gruppocarli.com.
Customers may also check product availability upon ordering. The pictures accompanying the description of any product and/or its packaging must not be intended as a perfect depiction of its actual characteristics, as they might differ in certain minor aspects.

Sicem Srl will confirm that an order is properly received by sending an e-mail reply to the e-mail address given by the Customer. Such confirmation reply will contain: date and time of order receipt; product(s) purchased; quantity, price and an “Order Number” to be quoted in all further communications with Sicem Srl. The e-mail will re-state all the details entered by the Customer, who agrees to review their accuracy and advise promptly of any corrections. Sicem Srl reserves the option to reject an order within 3 business days from its receipt, in which case Sicem Srl shall promptly advise the Customer and refund the price paid as appropriate.
All the prices listed in the website are to be regarded as consumer prices, and therefore subject to VAT. The VAT levied on each product is shown separately. Sicem Srl reserves the right to modify the prices at any time, without prior notice, due to the continuing  price fluctuations of the types of products distributed.

The statutory maximum term for processing orders is 30 days from receipt of payment; however, Sicem Srl agrees to deliver the products within 10 business days. Order processing might be delayed only in rare circumstances and will not entitle customers to refuse the goods. On the other hand, customers are entitled to refuse the goods if they had expressly requested to cancel the order by e-mail, fax or registered letter before the order was processed. In the event that a customer fails to comply and refuses the goods, all shipping costs (in both directions), storage and handling costs shall be payable by the customer. In fact, the law establishes that if the accepting party (in this case Sicem Srl) has started to perform in good faith before being advised of a revocation, the proposing party (in this case the Customer) is required to indemnify (damage caused by lawful action) the expenses and losses incurred for having started to perform as agreed.


Acceptance of General Selling Conditions

Once the on-line purchase procedure is completed, the Customer agrees to print out and retain these general selling conditions and the specifications of the product purchased (articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999). However, both the pictures and the descriptions are approximate and might not reflect the actual characteristics of the product in certain minor aspects. Sicem Srl, shall not be held liable for any inconsistencies.
The Customer agrees to make its details available to Sicem Srl. through a specific registration procedure, for a proper start of the process of performing this agreement .

The Customer shall not enter false and/or fictitious details in the registration procedure required in order to start the process of performance of this agreement, nor in the subsequent communications; the details given by the Customer must coincide with his/her true personal details and not with those of third parties or fictitious persons.

It is expressly forbidden to make multiple registrations for the same person or enter the detail of third persons. Sicem Srl. reserves the rights to take legal action against any violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of consumers. Sicem Srl takes no liability in respect of the Customer for the issuing of incorrect fiscal documents as a consequence of wrong information entered by the Customer, being the Customer solely responsible for the accuracy of the information entered.
The Customer will not be entitled to any indemnity or compensation for damages and no liability will be recognised, including in tort, for direct or indirect personal injury and/or damages caused by the rejection, even partial, of an order.
By submitting his/her order through the e-commerce selling system available at the www.sicem.gruppocarli.com website, the Customer authorises SicemSrl. to make subsequent contacts by telephone, fax and e-mail in order to complete and perform the purchase agreement


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The purchase agreement between the Customer and Sicem Srl is stipulated in Italy and governed by the laws of Italy. If the Customer is a private consumer, the solution of any civil and criminal controversies arising from the stipulation of this distance selling agreement shall fall in the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Customer’s town of domicile; in all the other cases, the only Courts having jurisdiction shall be those of Rimini.

The conditions stated in this document may be amended by Sicem Srl without prior notice and will come into effect from the date of publishing in the sicem.gruppocarli.com website.


Conclusive Clause

A Customer wishing to make a purchase order should read and approve all the general selling conditions.

In particular, the action of pointing and clicking (order confirmation) by the Customer will be deemed as manifest acceptance of the general selling conditions and formal stipulation of the agreement.  

Please remember that on-line distance selling agreements are legally binding under all respects


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