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How is the quality of the products guaranteed?

The special processing of products ensures that all valuable nutritional and organoleptic properties are preserved which would otherwise be lost in a normal hay. Regular checks on all manufacturing processes ensure consistency and homogeneity of the products throughout the year. Our forage grasses are selected and dusted to maintain the product properties as long as possible and to avoid contamination prior to hermetic packaging. Special attention is given to the storage of finished products that retain their impeccable quality thanks to special ventilation techniques in the warehouses without the use of supplements.


Where do the products come from Gruppo Carli?

The products of the Gruppo Carli are grown using innovative methods in a natural way and without irrigation with groundwater or the use of fertilizers and pesticides in Central Italy (Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Lazio). The processing of the products then in the five works of the group in the provinces of Ferrara, Ravenna, Rimini and Rome.


What are the components a pallet and how hard is it?

Weight may vary depending on the type of product:

Small arms: A palette consists of 48 small bales, their weight may, however, depending on the product and the corresponding weight vary (for example, weighs a range Maiheu 864 kg, while a pallet of straw bedding a weight of 720 kg has).

Sacks: A palette consists of 60 sacks, their weight may, however, depending on the product and the corresponding weight vary (for example, weighs a range Cobs 1200 kg, while a range of litter pellets, a weight of 1500 kg has).

Large bags: Each palette consists of one large bag, its weight may, however, depending on the product and the corresponding weight vary (for example, weighs a big bag pellet splitter litter 500 kg, while a large bag Cobs has a weight of 600 kg) .


How should the products be stored?

Although the products are optimally protected because of their high quality packaging, we recommend storing the forage grasses and litter in a dry and cool place and open the packages until immediately before use.


What is the expiry date of the products have?

For products such as forage grasses and litter in Italy is an identification of the expiration date on the label no obligation. We as manufacturers recommend, however, to use the product within 18 months from date of manufacture, so that all the nutritive and organoleptic characteristics remain unchanged.


How to delivery?

For all transport services Carli works with a transport company that an intermodal transport network by road and rail uses. The transport used for delivery are truck (dimensions 2.40 mx 6.00 m) or articulated (dimensions 2.40 mx 13.00 m). On request of the customer delivery to vehicles with tailgate loaders and forklifts at no additional cost is possible.

All deliveries we announce beforehand on the phone.
The products of the Gruppo Carli be delivered within 10 working days of receipt of payment.


What dosages are recommended?

Each product has a product data sheet that is listed in the display cases for each product line. On the data sheet, the product properties and instructions for use are given.


What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is a full range, the (60 pieces) or a large bag can consist of small bales (48 pieces), sacks.


What payment methods are available?

The payment for online purchases can be made by credit card or via PayPal. After the correct receipt of the payment order to the appropriate processing point is passed.


Is there a customer service after sale completion?

Yes. Currently, service after sale completion only in English is available. For all information relating to products, order status, payment and delivery please contact the business office Gruppo Carli any time at the following address:

E-Mail : shop@gruppocarli.com

Tel. + 39 0541923044

Fax. + 39 0541 923545


We recommend that you always include your order number in all communications.


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