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From seed to stable

From seed to stable

From seed to stable

Forage quality depends on a series of factors, such as selected plant variety, weather conditions, soil properties and cultivation methods, growth stage, time of cutting, harvesting and drying techniques and end product storage.

Sowing Phase
Only Gruppo Carli selected and produced seeds are sown in Italian fields without the use of  pesticides or groundwater irrigation.

Harvesting phase
The most advanced technologies are used for harvesting: the new forage harvesters/windrowers, thanks to an innovative raking system, gently sweep the product into windrows, preserving and keeping it clean even during the hottest hours of the day. Harvest time is carefully evaluated by our agronomists: the best time to obtain the highest protein and fibre content is the early growth stage.

Gruppo Carli products can be sun-dried or dehydrated. In the dehydration process, cut alfalfa is placed in the oven where, by means of hot air flows generated by the combustion of natural energy sources, most of the water in the fresh forage is eliminated, preserving the original nutritional properties and facilitating storage. After dehydration, the product (with 10-15% residual moisture) is pressed and packaged  into rectangular bales, small bales, or pelletized

Storage and packaging
End product packaging and storage systems in ventilated warehouses guarantee long-fibre bales and pellets storage without using synthetic products.

Quality control
To guarantee constant product quality and healthiness, raw materials and end products are tested daily and the entire production process follows a strict traceability procedure. External certification boards such as Suolo e Salute, Cermet and SGS further guarantee product quality through periodic crop, production and stock inspections.


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