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Horse Food

Horse Food - Lucerne Pellettone

    Packaging: 20 Kg per sack

    Pallet: 60 sacks

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Product data sheet

Alfalfa Pellettone - Only pure Italian Alfalfa in 18 mm pellets

Idealfor horses allergic to dust or with dental problems

Product formulated to satisfy the dietary requirements of livestock for maintenance with high amounts of forages and fibre of good quality.
Its pellet texture makes it easy to handle, with a long storage life, and ensures ease of use at all times of the year and in any livestock farming conditions.

- 20 kg sacks placed on pallets (60 sacks each);

Diameter: mm 16-21 mm

(% on dry matter):

Moisture           11%
Protein              14%
Fibre                  28%
Ash                    10%

We recommend up to 2 kg per animal, in one or more daily feedings, mixed  with other forages, feeds and/or supplements.

Hay is the fundamental basis for the correct equine diet. Some horses may have difficulty consuming long-fibre hay, for example, senior horses with mastication problems, or those allergic to the dust found in dried hay.

Alfalfa Pellettone is a natural pasture forage that is harvested in the field, chopped, pelleted and packaged to preserve unaltered the original nutritive properties of its components.
Alfalfa Pellettone is entirely of Italian provenance, harvested in the fields managed by farms belonging to the group, situated in the regions of Emilia Romagna, Marche and Lazio, and processed in its own facilities.

Alfalfa Pellettone is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins that supply the ideal balance of nutrients for maintaining the health and vitality of horses. Every stage of the production process is carefully managed: from cutting, which is done in the early vegetative stage, to processing, to its final packaging and storage in ventilated warehouses. Analytical tests are carried out on a daily basis to ensure the consistent quality and healthfulness of the product.
In addition to careful selection and processing, the forage is dust-extracted prior to packaging by an exclusive ventilation process, making it especially suited for horses with respiratory disorders.

The packaging in practical paper sacks allows the product to be stored retaining its full original flavour and aroma, and natural colour and texture. This type of packaging protects the product from atmospheric agents, avoiding the formation of mould or bacteria and contamination by dust or foreign objects.


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