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Rabbit food

Rabbit food - Dehydrated First Cutting May Hay

    Packaging: 25 kg per bale

    Pallet: 42 bales

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Product data sheet

Natural meadow hay harvested in the field, chopped, dehydrated and pressed into bales to preserve unaltered its original nutritive properties.  

The first May cutting hay in bales is a forage with an ideal nutrient balance, it is rich in carbohydrates (fibre and sugars), protein as well as other constituents equally important to the organism, such as minerals and vitamins.
Thanks to its long-fibre texture, this first cutting forage strongly stimulates mastication and rumination.

- 25 kg small bales placed on pallets (42 small bales each)

(% on dry matter):

Moisture                 10%
Crude protein        11%
Crude fibre             29%
Crude ash              11%
Crude fats              1,5%

Approximately 5-6 kg per animal, in one or more daily feedings, mixed with other forages, feeds and/or supplements.

Gruppo Carli May Hay – a healthy and natural forage, a precious feed for the nutrition and health of the horse.

Correct nutrition is fundamental for the wellbeing of horses. A healthy and balanced diet in fact protects the animals’ health and prevents the onset of psycho-physical stress. The energy consumption of a horse will vary depending on its amount of exercise, size, age, and state of health, and it is advisable to formulate the diet accordingly.  A correct ration should supply the required amounts of carbohydrates, fats, protein and fibre.
First cutting May hay is a natural pasture forage that is harvested in the field, chopped, pressed and packaged to preserve unaltered the original nutritive properties of its components: grasses (Lolium italicum, Phleum pratense, Festuca) and legumes (Medicago sativa).
The first May cutting is rich in carbohydrates (fibre and sugars), protein, minerals and vitamins that supply the ideal nutrient balance for maintaining the health and vitality of horses. Thanks to its long-fibre texture, this forage stimulates mastication and rumination. It is also essential for intestinal peristalsis, exerting the so-called “cleansing effect” on the intestinal walls.
How to choose the right hay for your horse?
Gruppo Carli May hay is entirely of Italian provenance, harvested in the pastures managed by farms belonging to the group, in the regions of Emilia Romagna, Marche, and Lazio and directly processed.
Every stage of the production process is carefully managed: from cutting of the alfalfa, which is done in the early vegetative stage, to processing of the forage in the group’s own facilities, to its final packaging and storage in ventilated warehouses. Analytical tests are carried out on a daily basis to guarantee the consistent quality and healthfulness of the product.
In addition to careful selection and processing, the forage is dust-extracted prior to packaging, making it especially suited for horses with respiratory disorders.
The packaging in practical small bales wrapped in recyclable plastic allows the product to be stored retaining its full original flavour and aroma and natural colour and texture. This type of packaging protects the dehydrated alfalfa from atmospheric agents, avoiding the formation of mould or bacteria and contamination by dust or foreign objects.
Each small bale is divided into 4 parts that facilitate handling, avoiding product losses or wastage, and allow the daily ration to be correctly monitored.

Small suggestion!
For greater well-being of the animal, it is important to ensure that the horse always has access to fresh, clean water throughout the day, and to place a salt block in the stall to recover sodium losses.

A healthy diet is the first way to care for your horse!


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