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Right of Withdrawal

Right of Withdrawal

Pursuant to art. 64 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, if the Customer is a consumer (i.e. a private individual who purchases goods for purposes unrelated to his/her professional activity, or makes the purchase without providing a VAT number), he/she is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement for whatever reason, without incurring in any penalty and provided only that the following rules are respected, within ten business days from receiving the goods. The right of withdrawal may be exercised by sending, in the terms indicated above (10 days), a written notice to the registered address of Sicem S.r.l. at Via Tiberio 11, 47900 – Rimini (RN) , by registered letter with return receipt requested, copy sent in advance by fax or e-mail. The registered letter will be deemed to have been sent in due time if posted in the terms indicated above and certified by the post office stamp.

A Customer who exercises his/her right of withdrawal is required to return the goods to Sicem Srl only after receiving from the latter authorisation to return by e-mail or fax. The authorisation notice shall contain all the necessary information to facilitate the return of the goods, including the delivery address. Please note that the integrity of the goods returned is of essence for exercising the right of withdrawal. Should such right be forfeited, the product will remain property of the Customer, and the Customer shall return it by express courier. All costs of returning the product to the sender shall be payable by the Customer.

If a Customer exercises his/her right of withdrawal hereunder, Sicem Srl will refund the amounts paid by the Customer, except for the shipping costs incurred to deliver the product. The refund will be made free of charge within thirty days from the date when Sicem Srl is advised of the exercise of right of withdrawal by the Customer. The refunds will be regarded as made in due time if the amounts are actually returned, mailed back or credited back with value date within the term indicated above.


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